Welcome to the Star Crossed campaign!
The game is still in the world building phase, but I feel it will be moving along at a rapid pace.

We are using the BESM D20 system
All characters will be Human, except for characters who chose the Giant Robot class (for obvious reasons).

The following classes are available for play:

  • Adventurer – The “Jack of all Trades” character, whose free form leveling style lends itself to any style of play
  • Giant Robot – A free willed automaton that can customize their bodies to whatever mission they undertake.
  • Gunbunny – Entering combat with style, they are rarely caught off guard, and never caught without a gun.
  • Hot Rod – The ultimate driver, they can operate almost anything with wheels, and their personal vehicle is their glory.
  • Martial Artist – Masters of unarmed combat, their very body is a dangerous weapon, with abilities that border on mystical.
  • Ninja – The master of stealth, they strike from the shadows with abilities few can explain.
  • Samurai – Honor personified, they seek to uphold justice while improving their skills.
  • Shape Changer – Able to change not only their face, but their shape to suit the current situation, they are skilled saboteurs and con artists.
  • Tech Genius – The ultimate techie, they can repair anything, and create items of immense power.

The world is recovering from an energy crisis that was solved fifty years ago. The world essentially ran out of natural resources that allowed widespread energy production possible. Oil fields ran dry, gas wells produced nothing, and nuclear plants were under such huge demand that they were run with fewer and fewer regulations, resulting in core meltdowns.

The world was in chaos, society that depended on electricity suddenly found themselves using candles to see in the dark. Riots broke out in major cities, and neighbors turned on one another.

Out of this chaos, Wolfe Industries unveiled its Numen Reactor. These reactors produced enormous amounts of electricity, with no pollution to the environment. The world government, which was perilously close to collapse, immediately commissioned Wolfe Industries to build these reactors all across the globe. However, this light at the end of the tunnel did not come with a price. Wolfe Industries held all the cards, so to speak, and issued a set of demands to the government in return for the reactors.

As the world recovered from the brink of chaos, civilization found itself restructuring. Giant cities powered by free energy, grew around the Numen reactors. These “mega cities” commonly measure dozens of miles across, with some extending above and below ground several levels. All of the cities have a protective wall surrounding the perimeter to protect its citizens from roving groups of bandits and mutated beasts that have arisen from the uninhabited wilds. Air travel is the most common method of transportation between cities, as most roads have fallen into such disrepair that they are not longer serviceable.

Many of the old cities and towns are no longer inhabited, leaving old ruins dotting the land. Some villages refused to relocate to the mega cities, stubbornly working their farms as their ancestors did. A few abandoned cities are now home to large bands of criminals and outlaws, creating their own depraved society.
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