City of Corsica

The city of Corsica is separated into two levels, upper and lower. The upper level, also known as “The Plate”, is composed of the city’s wealthy and elite. The lower level, known as “The Shadow” is basically an overcrowded slum, filled with the city’s poor, and people who lived in the city before the Plate was constructed. The lower level is severely polluted, from both lack of natural air currents, and the pollution that is vented from the upper level, to keep the air above pristine. Huge mounds of trash accumulate under debris ports, and the only light is from dim, flickering street lamps. A wall circles the entire city, making it nearly impervious to attack, but also keeping citizenry inside, especially the people of the Shadow, where the outside world is something only the oldest can remember.

Around the wall, spaced evenly, are six Numen reactors, which provide electricity to the city. Each reactor powers a pie shaped wedge of the city, with all six “slices” connecting to the central hub, where the main pillar acts as a keystone. The Numen reactors are owned by Wolfe Industries

The slums of the Shadow are notorious for people going missing, and crime is largely ignored, due to the complete lack of law enforcement. Mercenary groups have sprung up in their absence, collecting money from neighborhoods to act as peacekeepers.

Above the decay of the Shadow, the Plate is a shining example of modern living. Sleek cars whir down the street on electric motors, and glimmering shopping districts provide ample distraction for the wealthy denizens of the upper level.

The central spire is the world headquarters for Wolfe Industries, reaching hundreds of stories into the sky. This building is the scientific center of the world. Almost every technological advance in the past fifty years has originated from this building.

City of Corsica

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