Harte Security

The largest mercenary outfit in the world, Harte Security Group is the sole provider of law enforcement personal to areas controlled by Wolfe Industries. The personal employed by Harte are usually competent, guards. However, the majority are untested in battle, and many lack basic combat experience.

Harte Security Group officers have access to many different types of personal weapons and armor, provided by Wolfe Industries. Much of their equipment is standard fair, but the higher ranking officers typically have access to better gear. Some high priority areas even warrant the deployment of a heavy mech for further security.

There are several rank tiers within the group:

  • Security – The lowest paid grunt, typically not very smart.
  • Soldier – Has access to better weapons and armor than a Guard, still not the brightest bulb in the lamp.
  • Lieutenant – Smart enough to warrant pilot training, they are tactical leaders
  • Other, higher levels exist, but they are not deployed unless under special circumstances or orders.

Harte Security

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